Bongkot project on weekend

Currently, now I am working on this field for detail engineering design. Bongkot field, phase 4A. It’s not a wellhead, it’s not a central processing unit, but it is a living quarter platform. I’m not talking for 20-50 persons, but 160 persons inside this platform. Pufff….it is four legged jacket, with 8 levels of Topside, in 62 meter MSL water depth.

After several months of absence in ‘Saturday overtime’ schedule, today,this record was broken. Some surprise in the office today that lunch was provided. Even though the menu was nothing more than nasi padang, but I think the management starts to give extra honour for those who come on Saturday and compromising their time with their families to finish the project. By doing so, I believe their efforts also gave extra net income to the company. 

Back to the project. I think one of the main challenge of this project is the natural period of this platform, which is more than 3 seconds. Hence, certain dynamics analysis must be done and complying with the whole integrated analysis.

For the time being, this project was still on going with preliminary of MTO (Material Take Off) and standardize the design basis. FEED had already done by technip Malaysia. Sort of documents have been reviewed and checked with worleyparsons standards. So far, FEED was good enough. 

Well…we’ll see in the next couple of months. And, can’t wait for the performance review stage this year, and see what another ‘surprise’ will they give to the employees. 

Wait a minute…Employees? Oh…Thanks God, I’m still employed in this terrific global economic crisis.


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