just another sunday…

Is there any good engineer in Indonesia? yes!There are millions…In fact, the first president of Indonesia is a civil engineer..! Hahaha…I want to be proud of what I am right now:D (kiddin’:P) The most outrageous Indonesian president, Ir.Soekarno…

But, after his era, then Soeharto comes, which is actually comes from military background..Military and engineering..Hmm..two different things, I guess..

To be honest to my self, I didn’t like any politics things along-long ago…But, you won’t live if you neglect it in your life…Cause we live in country which has law & humanity rights…

I believe this country would never…ever…be prosperously liberated…As long as our country regulations comes from those


Come on! We have millions genius engineer…!! Why we still carry on to others??!? We can make it…

Cik atuh lah…eling!!!eliing!!!

-(West Java-Sundanese languages)


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